Looking Forward to the Rest of the Summer

Hey all,

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and is ready for a new week! My weekend has been nice and relaxing, and I’m feeling really motivated. Last week flew by, which reminded me that I don’t want a single day of this summer to go to waste. I don’t want the next nine weeks to fly by just as fast only for me to say, “Oh, that was quick!” I want to have a meaningful experience here, which I don’t think will be hard.

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My First Week

Friends and Family:

Thanks for your calls, text messages, emails, etc. over the past week! Today is my 7th day in St. Joseph. (Well, kind of. I got here last Friday night.) I have enjoyed my first week at Word of Life.

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Settling Down in St. Joseph

Hey everybody!

This is my first blog post from St. Joe! I am here safe and sound after a busy weekend. Thanks for all your prayers as I said goodbyes in Lexington, made the 12-hour trip, and settled down this weekend.

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Wrapping Things Up at Home

Hey everyone!

I’m a little overwhelmed that my first post has over 100 views, but I’m really glad you all are interested in this opportunity I’m being given! It means a lot to see a community of such support around me. I’m still in Lexington, but I leave on Friday (so after today, I only have one more full day here). The last week has flown by. Even though I wish I had longer to stay here in Lex, I’m so excited to go to Missouri.

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A New Blog: Tracking the Journey

Family and friends (and random people who are interested in my life for some reason),

Welcome to my new blog! As many of you know, I will be serving as a Worship Ministry intern at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO this summer. I will be there for 10 weeks, which is pretty much my whole summer. Β I had my last final at school today, so now I am ready to focus on getting things together before I make the 11-hour trip to St. Joe in 10 days!

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