Seven Days

Seven days. That’s how long I have left at Word of Life. Today was the beginning of my “Week of Lasts.” Today was my last time in 678 and my last 678 rehearsal. Tomorrow will be my last Worship Remnant, and the lasts will continue all week long, until the final day – July 22nd.

This summer has been so formative for me. I know I don’t understand everything I’ve experienced yet. I haven’t processed everything I’ve learned. I haven’t even learned everything there is to learn from the summer. I feel that I will glean wisdom from my time here for years to come. I have been so blessed – as I say time and again – to serve here.

A Teaching Role

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to be teaching some courses for a program we called Worship Remnant. The first day went really well. Since we planned it all on such short notice, we only had a few students show up, but it was still a great time of learning, sharing, and growing together.

I really enjoy teaching. I’m not an expert in any field, by any means, but something about sharing what little knowledge and insight I do have is so fulfilling. I’m already a person who loves to plan and organize, so creating lessons and discussion plans has been easy and rather enjoyable for me.

I believe one role of a “worship pastor” (for lack of a better term), among many roles, is that of a teacher. We are to teach melodies, harmonies, chord structure, and new songs. But we are also to teach virtuous living, humble service, and the ways of a worshipful lifestyle. That’s quite a tall order. And honestly, the list could go on. We are endlessly teaching, which means we should be endlessly learning. The call to be a teacher is simultaneously the call to be a learner. When our drive to learn fades away, our teaching becomes lackluster. This thought has challenged me in the last few months, and will continue to challenge me.

Time Flies

Going back home is a very bittersweet thought right now. On one hand, I am excited to see my family and friends, return to beautiful Lexington, and finally have monetary income again. On the other hand, I will greatly miss WOLC, the people I’ve met, and the environment I’ve been investing into. Ten weeks seemed like such a long time in mid-March. But looking back, it was barely enough time to begin to form relationships. I am finding that now, with about a week left, I am finally beginning to form bonds with people at church. Not that I didn’t talk to anyone until now, but real relationships do take awhile to form. Hopefully I am able to keep ties to WOLC and the great people I’ve met here.

What Now?

Well, seven days from today, I wrap up my time at WOLC. After that, I’ll make the trek back home. Between now and then, I will be running Worship Remnant, attending my last staff meeting and staff chapel, my last meetings with Eric and Derek, helping out with MYC, and rehearsing with the worship team for the weekend services.

If you guys want to tune into WOLC Live on Sunday the 22nd, I’ll be singing. It’ll be my very last day. Service starts at 9am (10am EST) or 11am (12pm EST).


In my last post, I told you all that Johny was headed to South Africa. Thank you all for your prayers concerning him and the team! He has been there for a week, and I finally heard from him for the first time last night. He had emailed me and his parents, telling us that he was alive and well. They have been building bathrooms for a church building, running a VBS for over 150 kids, and helping with youth services. He said that he loves it there and has met some great people. He has a week left. I hope and pray that their second week is even better than their first!

Pray that my last week in St. Joe is satisfying. Pray for closure and peace as I go back to the “real world.” Pray that I continue to be reminded of the great things God has been teaching me in the past few months.

I’m so grateful for all of your love and support. Your words of encouragement have meant so much to me this summer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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