Happy June!

Hey all,

I haven’t updated you guys in a little while, so let me just start by saying: welcome to June! May flew by, but it was a good (and busy) month. June looks like it’s going to be quite exciting, too! WOLC has Vacation Bible School this month, and a program for teens called Remnant also begins this month (more on those in a few weeks). June will be my only full month here in MO, so I’m excited to get it underway.

Garage Sale

For the past few weeks, church members have been dropping off items for the church’s annual “Mega Multi-Family Garage Sale.” All the profits are going to fund the Social Justice ministry at church. Megan, who is in charge of that ministry, really has her hands full with the yard sale. There is so much stuff! The sale is tomorrow morning, so I was at church for six hours today helping out. People have been volunteering quite a bit of their time, and things really came together last minute.

I think it’s been good for me to help out with organizing and pricing, because it reminds me that ministry is ministry. This is a point I was discussing with Pastor Derek yesterday. Just because I am here to be a “worship ministry intern” doesn’t mean I should only be involved in worship ministry. I am learning that many times, as a member of a staff (especially a church staff), you have to be a team player. Even though everyone has varying job descriptions, ministry is truly all hands on deck. I love seeing so many different people helping Megan with the garage sale. Yes, they have other things to do, but they still pitch in because the church is the church. We are a community; we help one another.

Free Time

Like I mentioned last month, I have a ton of free time here. I’ve been trying to use it wisely (reading, researching, writing, doing chores around the apartment, etc.), but honestly it’s wearing on me a bit. Hopefully I can become more involved with some things to keep me occupied that don’t involve sitting in my bedroom, looking at a screen, or reading from a page. But the one thing I have done a lot of in my free time is cooking.

I love to cook! I don’t get to cook much at home simply because I am always so busy. But here, I have a nice, quiet kitchen in a nice, quiet apartment that I can have free reign over. I’ve made all kinds of good stuff. Deborah’s really been blessing me by taking me grocery shopping – a huge financial burden lifted! I’m very thankful for that. So in return, I’ve tried to cook pretty often. I’ve been making a bunch of things from scratch and I don’t think I’ve done too shabby! Strawberry and grapefruit granita, tomato basil bisque, squash and zucchini fritters, honey-glazed shrimp, seasoned red beans and kielbasa, and more.  I have been listening to Pastor Brian’s sermon series “Finding God on Your iPod” from last summer while I cook. So it’s nice to be able to multitask, doing two things you enjoy, and then have a nice meal to eat afterward!

Back Home

My mom and sisters recently got back from Virginia. They went to see grandparents for a week, and I wish I could have gone with them! I’m not really homesick yet, but I don’t like missing out on those special visits to VA.

It’s been nice to hear from friends and family back home every once in awhile. Getting a Facebook message here, a phone call there – it adds up! I’m glad to keep up with you guys and hear about how your summer is going.

I was fortunate to get a package (my first piece of mail in St. Joe!) from a professor of mine, Jonathan Powers. He had posted a picture of Ale-8-One candy on Twitter last month, and I said it looked great. So he sent me some! How cool is that? He also sent me a great book, The Divine Embrace, by Robert Webber. It was a nice surprise!


This Weekend

I am trying to eat healthily this summer, but I made an exception when I found out today was National Donut Day. There is a really old place close to where I live called Gold-N-Glaze, and I had been looking for a chance to try it out. Today was the perfect excuse!


It’s a modest little place, a mom and pop shop that opens extremely early in the morning and closes whenever they sell out. I am told that they are rarely open past 10am, so I headed there early and got a glazed donut and a chocolate-covered cake donut. Both were great. Now I’m tempted to go back…

Like I said earlier, I spent most of today helping with the garage sale stuff. Tonight, we have church, and then tomorrow I’ll help with the actual garage sale. I’m going to spend some time practicing keyboard tomorrow because I am playing on the worship team for the first time this Sunday! I’ll be playing pad, which honestly I’m not too good at, but it’s nice to be getting involved.

Also this weekend, I’m going to start planning for my first time leading worship at the Wednesday Noon Prayer service at church. I’m excited to get to participate in that! I’ll make sure I let everyone know how this coming week turns out. Prayers are appreciated as I begin to serve in this capacity!


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