Wrapping Things Up at Home

Hey everyone!

I’m a little overwhelmed that my first post has over 100 views, but I’m really glad you all are interested in this opportunity I’m being given! It means a lot to see a community of such support around me. I’m still in Lexington, but I leave on Friday (so after today, I only have one more full day here). The last week has flown by. Even though I wish I had longer to stay here in Lex, I’m so excited to go to Missouri.


In my last post, I was talking about finishing up school. Well…I’m done! We got grades back yesterday which means the semester is officially over. I had a great year, and some of the classes I took will be especially beneficial to what I’ll be doing this summer. It’s always awesome when coursework and practical ministry line up like that. Definitely a God thing.

As I told you all last week, finances have been a huge burden lately. But in the last week and a half, so many of you have blessed me financially. I’m so grateful that this is a ministry opportunity that you want to support, and that you are willing to invest in me personally. It means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because of you, I have exceeded my need of $1,206 (to pay Asbury for “summer class”). In addition, funds keep coming in from other friends and family members! I am overwhelmed by your kindness, and I will be using the rest of the money to help me out with gas money this summer. The best part about all of this, is I never asked anyone for anything. To me, that proves that God is powerful enough to provide for me on his own. He didn’t need my help – writing “please donate” letters or badgering distant relatives – but he did it all on his own. That’s the power of prayer, friends. It’s also the love of the Christian community. I was speaking with a gentleman at my church, Living Hope Fellowship, this past Sunday. I told him that all the financial support my church family was providing me was a huge blessing. He simply said, “Well, you bless us!” That is the Body of Christ. To build one another up, to bless one another, with gratitude that overflows into an abundance of communal blessing. It’s a beautiful thing.


Right now, I am just trying to relish opportunities to spend time with close friends and family. It’s so strange that I won’t see my family for ten weeks. Since I’m being so people-focused, though, I’m a bit behind on packing. Hopefully I can knock all of that out tomorrow.

A few days ago, I spoke on the phone with Deborah Rafter. She and her husband Pat are members of WOLC who are graciously hosting me this summer. We spoke regarding details about my bedroom and a few other things, and I’m excited! They have put a lot of effort into getting my room ready for me. I got to meet them back in March, and they are great people. I think I’ll be right at home living with them.

Last night, my family hosted a going away party for me. We had a cookout for some friends, and it was a great time! It was a good chance to say goodbye to quite a few people. It’s also great to know that they are all supporting me and praying for me. We had a beautiful night for a get-together. Thank you to everyone who came out!


Now that financial issues have miraculously been resolved, that can be crossed off the prayer list! Glory to God, and thank you (again) to everyone who has helped me.

Right now, I’m dealing with a lot of stress. Like I said, I only have a day and a half left in Lexington. I have so much to do. I have people to see, errands to run, boxes to pack, chores to do, etc. I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Just pray that God will give me peace, and that the last of my time here won’t be wasted. I want to be calm, I want to enjoy myself, and I don’t want to come off cranky because I have so much on my plate. I want to leave things at peace, instead of riling everyone up because I am stressed out. Pray that I’m able to keep cool and enjoy these last two days.

What Next?

My next update will be from St. Joe! Watch your inbox!

Like I said last week, I’d really love to hear from you all over the summer. Shoot me an email, comment on the blog, give me a call – words of affirmation can go a long way. And plus, I want to stay updated on what all of you are doing back home!

I’m both excited and nervous for all the changes that will be happening in the next week, but I know God is in control. I’ll keep trusting him.

Until next time,


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One Response to Wrapping Things Up at Home

  1. Deborah Rafter says:

    We are anxiously awaiting your arrival! WOLC is a great family of God and you will fit in so well.

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