A New Blog: Tracking the Journey

Family and friends (and random people who are interested in my life for some reason),

Welcome to my new blog! As many of you know, I will be serving as a Worship Ministry intern at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO this summer. I will be there for 10 weeks, which is pretty much my whole summer.  I had my last final at school today, so now I am ready to focus on getting things together before I make the 11-hour trip to St. Joe in 10 days!

I will use this blog as a primary means of communicating about my internship and goings-on in St. Joe. Feel free to tell others that they can simply visit hannahayates.wordpress.com to hear my story as it unfolds!

The Beginning

I found out about WOLC 5 or 6 years ago, when the church’s pastor, Brian Zahnd, came to speak at my family’s church in Botkins, OH on a regular basis. I was really drawn to his theology and his ministry. As I got older (especially after I started college), I found myself really resonating with his teaching and finding his church to be a place of life and growth. I continued to follow the ministry and be blessed by the relevance and truth that Pastor Zahnd’s writings and messages held.

At my school (Asbury University), I am a Worship Arts major and a member of the Christian Ministries department. As part of my graduation requirements, I must participate in a ministry internship. My academic advisor gave me a few options of local and regional churches, but for some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about WOLC! As far as I knew, they didn’t even have an intern program. But I took a risk by emailing the church office asking for some kind of contact.


I ended up getting in touch with the church’s Discipleship Pastor, Derek Vreeland. To make a long story short, he and some of the other members of the church staff decided that having an intern could be a great, new experience. Things worked so smoothly that I knew God had a hand in the whole thing. The more I talked with Pastor Derek and the worship leader of the church, Eric Stark, the more at home I felt (and I had never even seen them in person).

Over my spring break in March, I went to visit WOLC for the first time with my dad. I loved it. I had some meetings with the church staff to solidify plans for the summer, and I left MO feeling refreshed and excited.


Yesterday I met with my academic supervisor for the summer to flesh out some assignment-type goals for the summer. Today, I went to Asbury’s registrar’s office and officially signed up for WA 435: Internship. Now that school is over, it’s so hard to believe that I leave in only ten days! I’m waiting to see what the future holds, and hoping that it’s great. I expect this summer to be a learning/growing experience that I will look back on fondly. I can’t wait to update you all throughout the 10 weeks I’m there!


I’m hoping that anyone interested in reading this blog would also be interested in standing by me spiritually over the summer. I will also use the blog to share prayer requests as they come up.

First of all: finances. I have to pay Asbury roughly $1,200 for the course credit I get from the internship. Even though it’s not on campus. I don’t understand it, but that’s the system. As some of you know, my workplace closed down on April 1st, so I’ve been jobless for the last month. Saving funds for my internship has been impossible, and I couldn’t find another place that would hire me for only a month. I am extremely grateful for those of you who have helped me financially during this time (you know who you are), and I would have never expected to be showered with such generosity. Thank you so, so much. However, there are still costs! I don’t have a full $1,200 yet, and I will also need to pay for gas, etc. while I am in St. Joe doing an unpaid internship. So you can imagine I’m stressed. Just pray for God to provide. I know he will…somehow. He always does.

Secondly: pray that this time of transition in my life is a healthy one. There is so much going on in my world right now. School, this internship (obviously), jobs, relationships, commitments, etc. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that God works things out in his own time. I can be a bit of a control freak and want everything to go my way. So pray that in this hectic time, that healthy results come from chaos. Nothing is impossible.

What Now?

As I mentioned earlier, you can check out Word of Life at wolc.com. They live stream their services and have a podcast sermon archive if you are interested. It’s some great stuff!

If any of you want to know my address for the summer, let me know and I would be more than happy to give it to you.

I will be gone from May 11th to approximately July 20th.

Lastly, you can subscribe to this blog to stay updated! I’d love to hear from all of you over the summer.

Keep in touch and God bless!


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One Response to A New Blog: Tracking the Journey

  1. daddy says:

    Buckle up baby girl! It’s gonna be a great ride.

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