Home Sweet Home

I’m home! I’m home, and it feels so good.

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Seven Days

Seven days. That’s how long I have left at Word of Life. Today was the beginning of my “Week of Lasts.” Today was my last time in 678 and my last 678 rehearsal. Tomorrow will be my last Worship Remnant, and the lasts will continue all week long, until the final day – July 22nd.

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Exciting New Changes

Hey, everyone!

It’s hard to believe it’s already July. June flew by so quickly. I stayed really busy at church this past month, and had the opportunity to learn a lot of great stuff. My last Sunday here will be July 22nd, so I’ve only got a few weeks left!

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Staying Busy

Hey everybody!

I haven’t technically “updated” you guys in awhile. My last post wasn’t really an update as much as it was just some musings about theology and church. Thank you, by the way, for your kind comments about it. I’ll write more in the future on similar topics. The past two weeks have been great. I have been staying fairly busy, which is good for me because I thrive on a full, task-oriented schedule.

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The Goal of Corporate Worship and the Art of Layered Understanding

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about corporate Christian worship and its purpose. In my most recent semester at Asbury, I took some courses that dealt with this topic. Now, being at Word of Life Church and talking with Pastor Eric Stark about the topic on a regular basis, ideas about the purpose of corporate worship are always at the forefront of my mind.

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Happy June!

Hey all,

I haven’t updated you guys in a little while, so let me just start by saying: welcome to June! May flew by, but it was a good (and busy) month. June looks like it’s going to be quite exciting, too! WOLC has Vacation Bible School this month, and a program for teens called Remnant also begins this month (more on those in a few weeks). June will be my only full month here in MO, so I’m excited to get it underway.

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Famous Faces and Places of St. Joseph, Missouri

For the past two weeks, I’ve simply thought I was in some Podunk town in Northwest Missouri. And, well, I kind of am. At one point in time, though, St. Joe was quite a bustling place. In the mid-1800s, it was a last stop for supplies and lodging before pioneers headed out west on the Oregon Trail. It was also the second US city to have electric streetcars. Until after the Civil War, it was the westernmost point in the country accessible by rail. During prohibition, outlaws would come spend time here since it was a smaller, less-patroled town about 40 miles north of Kansas City. Last night, I learned about some famous faces and places from St. Joe from some worship team members at Word of Life Church. Here’s my list!

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